Bonita Warranty Terms and Conditions and Return Policy

These Warranty Terms and Conditions apply to goods purchased through the online shop at and the claim is raised within the warranty period. The warranty period for sales to final consumer is set at 24 months by law (Article 612 and following of the Act no. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, as amended). The Buyer is obliged to raise the claim with the Seller or with a person designated to carry out repair without any undue delay. Should the claim be made in writing or in electronic form, then the Buyer should state his or her contact details, description of the defect and preferences as to the claim settlement.

The returning form

Basic information

  • The Buyer is obliged to prove that the goods was purchased (an invoice at best). The period for claim settlement starts when the goods is handed over / delivered to the Seller, or to the place of repair. The goods should be packed in a suitable manner and packing fit for shipment, so as to avoid damage to the goods; the goods should be clean and complete.
  • The Seller is obliged to decide on the settlement of the claim without any undue delay, within three working days at the latest, or invite an expert opinion to assess the situation. Should an expert opinion be required, then this should be mediated to the Buyer within this period. The Seller will settle the claim, including the removing of the defect, without any undue delay, within 30 days of the claim submission, unless both the Seller and Buyer agree in writing on prolonging this period. After this period expires, the Buyer is entitled to same rights as in case of a substantial breach of agreement. Should the Seller refuse to remove the defect of the goods, then the Buyer can claim reasonable price discount or cancel the agreement.
  • The warranty period extends by the time needed to settle a claim, or by the period by which the Buyer was obliged to collect the goods. Should the goods or its parts be replaced, then liability of the Seller applies, similarly to purchase of new goods or its parts.
  • Should it be impossible to follow complaint management online, then it is the Seller's duty to inform the Buyer as requested by either e-mail or an SMS.

The right of return does not apply in following cases:

  • wear and tear of the product or its parts as a consequence of common use (e.g. scratches on the surface or change in colour due to long-term exposure to light or heat radiation),
  • products were mechanically damaged by manipulation contradicting their purpose,
  • products were used in conditions that do not correspond to common parameters for the particular type of goods,
  • the goods were damaged by natural elements,
  • the goods were damaged as a consequence of improper storing.